Surgical Services : "For Your Confidence, Safety and Comfort"

Anesthesia Services
MATOS ORALSURGERY & IMPLANT CENTER has invested in state of the art patient monitoring equipment so that you can be "at ease" with the level of care you are receiving. Dr. Matos is fully licensed and credentialed to deliver out-patient anesthesia services including LOCAL ANESTHESIA, NITROUS OXIDE ANALGESIA, INTRAVENOUS CONSCIOUS SEDATION and DEEP SEDATION/GENERAL ANESTHESIA. Our monitoring equipment has state of the art technology delivered by INNOVA RESEARCH of Florida. You are welcome to stop by and view the facility and ask any questions you may have. Dr. Matos's General Anesthesia permit number for the State of New Jersey is 519. Dr. Matos is fully credentialed in Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS/CPR) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). Dr. Matos has also invested in a complete "crash cart" and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) which is the latest intervention in emergent cardiac care and NOT required by the state for the purpose of delivering anesthesia services. In fact, ACLS is not required in the state of NJ, Dr. Matos has chosen to maintain certification for your safety and confidence. MATOS ORAL SURGERY & IMPLANT CENTER  goes "above and beyond" for your confidence, safety and comfort.

MATOS ORALSURGERY & IMPLANT CENTER is pleased to announce that we will be providing sedation and general anesthesia for patients of Dr. Dersarkissian who wish to have their Endodontic Services performed while "sleeping."  This is one of the real benefits of being treated by the OSEI;Elizabeth team!

MATOS ORALSURGERY & IMPLANT CENTER will also make special arrangements and provide anesthesia services for 'your' dentist for invasive procedures you would prefer to have under some level of anesthesia. At MATOS ORAL SURGERY & IMPLANT CENTER your comfort is a high priority, but your safety will not be compromised for convenience!

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Surgical Procedures & Hospital Affiliations
Dental Extractions such as the extraction of non-restorable teeth, impacted teeth (Wisdom Teeth) and the extraction of teeth for specific treatment plans, such as for orthodontics or prosthetics.

Dental Surgeries such as root removal, root resections, hemisections, hard tissue(bone)and soft tissue (gingiva/skin) grafting, Apicoectomy (resection of the infected 'root-tip' of a root-canalled tooth that has become "re-infected."

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery such as vestibuloplasty, lip-switch procedures and alveoplasty (preparing the bone for dentures) so that dentures can be fabricated and fit more comfortably with more stability.

Dental Implant Surgery such as single tooth replacements, multiple teeth and full-mouth reconstructions. "Implant Overdentures" to assist denture patients with stability and minimizing the amount of 'plastic' that makes up the denture. Trans-Mandibular Implants to rehabilitate the jaws that are "too thin" or "too small" for implants (also known as 'atrophic mandibles). We proudly utilize 3i Implants from Implant Innovations, Inc, a Biomet Company (Nasdaq:BMET), that are guaranteed to Matos Oral Surgery and this guarantee is passed onto the patient, kindly speak to Dr. Matos regarding the guarantee/warranty details.

Bone Grafting Surgery, where bone is replaced where it has been lost due to either trauma, infection or tumor/cyst resection surgery. 'Sinus Lift' procedures are also performed to 'undo' mother nature's "pneumatization" of the maxillary sinus (the back of the upper jaw) to allow for placement of implant at the back of the upper jaws to replace lost molar teeth. These procedures are done in the office and hospital operating room, depending on the extent of grafting required and the "donor" site (if one is used).

Emergency & Hospital Care: Dr. Matos is available 24/7 for Emergency & Hospital Care. Kindly follow the procedure on the Office Information Page.

Trauma & Facial Fracture Repair. Repair of soft tissue (skin) injuries and hard tissue injuries involving all of the facial bones (orbits, cheeks, nose, upper and lower jaws.

Pathology Surgery which involves the diagnosis (biopsy) and management (medical or surgical) of cysts and tumors of the jaws and associated structures (tongue, cheeks, lips, salivary glands and palate).

Correction of congenital and developmental abnormalities including cleft lip & palate repair, repair of malocclusions (bite problems) such as 'open bites' and jaws that are very protruded or deficient (bird-face appearance).

Dr. Matos is affiliated with the following hospitals: Union Hospital (Union, NJ), Trinitas Hospitals (Elizabeth, NJ) & Barnert Hospital (Passaic, NJ). Soon Dr. Matos will also be operating at Lenox Hill Hospital (NYC), NY Eye & Ear Infirmary (NYC) and Tisch Hospital at NYU Medical Center.

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Dr. Matos can use any implant system the restoring doctor is comfortable with.  We encourage the use of the following implant systems based on technology, clinical sucess and predictability... (in no particular order)...  3i - Implant Innovations, Inc. (; Astratech USA, an AstraZeneca Complany ( and Innova Life Science (  Implant systems are sometimes used at different times depending on the situations that arise such as the type of prosthesis, the quality of the bone and the aesthetic demand of the area of the mouth being restored...  please feel free to ask at any time.  Please be aware that there are many implants and very different fees - it is important to know what you are getting for your money - never be afraid or intimidated to ask you doctor exactly what you are getting and be able to have access to all the information you request.  We do not provide "brochures" and "literature" provided by implant companied becasue they are often a Marketing Tactic and not necessarily the best option for every patient and their situation/expectations.  Again, be informed and make sure you know what you are getting and what to expect...

Pyogenic Granuloma
Immediate Post-Op
Gingival Hyperplasia
Post-Operative Result
Dental Implant Reconstruction
Closure of the Surgical Site
Impacted second AND third molars
Third molar extracted and hardware in place
All Ages - No Restrictions
Pre-Operative - Tumor Surgery
Custom Reconstrcution Implant with Dental Implants
Immediate PostOp Result - The Restoration of Form and Function - a very aesthetic result