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Insurance Payment Policies

OSEI: Elizabeth - MATOS ORAL SURGERY & IMPLANT CENTER is committed to providing high quality care. 

We do not participate with most insurance companies; however, for your convenience, we do "work" with you and your insurance company to deliver you the best possible care with the most reasonable reimbursement using "Out of Network" benefits you may have.  More clearly, we will wait for the "insured portion" of your surgical fees.   We do not accept fees from insurance companies unless we've specifically contracted with the insurance carrier or payor for the procedures performed.  

We will be happy to assist you with any questions & communications with your insurance carrier/payor.

You are, however, responsible for balances not covered by the insurance carriers. These payments are collected at the time of service - we will pre-certify your surgical services at the time of surgery or before (if you choose to have a consultation visit prior to your surgical visit). We encourage consultation visits but realize that they are not always feasible in our busy lives.  Regardless, it is the responsibility of the "insured" to know the level of benefit and be prepared to pay for those services if they are deemed "not a covered service" or if a maximum applies; in addition, the insured is always responsible for deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance and other balance adjustments. 

Insurance Products can be confusing!  Do not hesitate to ask us any questions; we will do our best to answer them fully and promptly; and, if needed, get additional information from the Member Services Representatives of the Carrier/Payor.

It is imperative that you bring your insurance card(s), medical and dental, since some of our procedures can be billed to medical plans. Photo identification is also required for maintenance of our records. All information and contents are held in the strictist of confidence.

Balances kept for greater than 90 days are promptly sent to a collection agency.


PLEASE refer to the Office Information Page of this site.

OSEI: Elizabeth (Matos Oral Surgery & Implant Center and Dersarkissian Endodontic Center) reserves the right to appoint elective procedures and refuse appointments to those who do not respect office policy.

Acceptable Methods of Payment

Cash, Money Orders and Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) are ENCOURAGED.

Personal Checks are NOT accepted. Valid identification is required.

Payments plans are not available.

Major service payment plans can be administered through a private medical financing company which we will be happy to recommend. You are welcome to retain private financing on your own. MATOS ORAL SURGERY wants to concentrate on caring for your surgical needs, we are not a financing company. 

We are pleased to assist the uninsured with their surgical needs, kindly speak to Dr. Matos so that arrangements can be agreed upon prior to incurring any significant expenses.  No insurance - do not fear - you have a "friend" at Matos Oral Surgery.

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